We Offer a Unique Mix of Capabilities

We have proven expertise in advising, structuring and closing large-scale projects with foreign governments and multinational corporations.

We have exceptional in-house talent and human capital. The RJI Capital team is composed of high-profile, influential individuals and renowned experts with proven credibility among the world’s leaders.

We have significant experience in the energy and natural resources, telecommunications and IT, defense and security, infrastructure and financial services industries.

We Know the Plays and the Players

We have operated in the international arena for over 20 years and, to date, have closed transactions worth billions of dollars.
RJI Capital has powerful strategic alliances in key regions of the world, an asset that allows clients to enter seamlessly into lucrative new markets with measured risk.

We gain access on behalf of our clients and position their interests with key stakeholders through our longstanding relationships with pivotal players around the globe.

We Thrive in Challenging Markets

We have successfully closed high-value cross-border transactions involving frontier and developed markets as well as newly industrialized countries.

We have dealt effectively with market inefficiencies and have unique insights into local markets.

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