About RJI Capital

Our Expertise

In today’s competitive and far-reaching business environment, clients need a trusted partner with extensive knowledge, a keen sense of strategy and a deep talent pool that can deliver results.

Since 1996, RJI Capital, a corporate and strategic advisory firm founded in Washington, DC, has been enabling businesses around the world to succeed in emerging markets, maximize financial opportunities, solve complex strategic issues and achieve their strategic objectives at international and local levels.

Over the years, RJI Capital has been transformed into a truly international business, with offices all over the world — from Washington, DC to Dubai. RJI Capital offers an impressive portfolio of services, all focused on delivering tangible results for clients:

  • Origination, development and closing of transactions
  • Deal structuring and execution
  • Strategic intelligence, to include but not be limited to market, geopolitical, economic and competitor analysis
  • Advisement on complex strategic issues in emerging markets
  • New market entry services, from strategy to in-country representation
  • Project development and finance
  • Regulatory review
  • Strategic communications

RJI Capital is a wholly owned subsidiary of Magellan Investment Holdings, an investment holding company with diversified interests in defense and cyber technology, financial services, banking, and telecommunications. It is a diversified enterprise with a premium track record in new market entry and international transactions, having closed deals worth billions of dollars in value. RJI Capital’s high-profile clients hail from an array of market sectors, and so does its network of principals and professionals. RJI Capital has forged longstanding relationships with its clients, always delivering on its promises. We are renowned for our effective approach and unique capabilities, and we are often referred to as “masters of the game.”

An intricate market calls for the right moves at the right time, and a thorough understanding of the players in the game. RJI Capital enables clients to thrive in challenging environments and always stay ahead of competitors — and win.

Wherever you are in the world, contact RJI Capital today to move your transactions forward.