RJI Ethos

RJI Capital – Your Partner for Success in Global Markets

In the great game of strategy, winning is the result of intelligence, expertise, and bold vision. Today the stakes are higher, the strategies more subtle.  In today’s world knowledge and information is the most important ingredient to success.  The strength of human relationships and firsthand knowledge is often overridden by AI driven data in today’s complex world.  At RJI Capital, we are strategic thinkers and have perfected the art of combining human relationships and HUMINT.

Our knowledge, experience, and proven track record in business and finance combined with unrivalled access to key decision makers in critical markets, have established RJI Capital as a trusted partner of choice in global markets. I take great pride in what we have achieved in over 25 years whilst maintaining our core values and authenticity.

Ron Wahid
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

I founded the company over 25 years ago because I knew that the markets with which I was most familiar and where I had the deepest insights would become powerful players in their regions. The changes in global geopolitical landscape, the unique relationships that we developed and the opportunities emerging in those regions were motivation enough to explore uncharted territory.

Since then we have grown from a boutique strategic advisory firm into a truly global enterprise with headquarters in Washington DC, and offices in Dubai, London, and New York.

While our business model has evolved to reflect the ever-changing needs of the industry and the market, we maintain our unique deal-making capabilities and our core values – authenticity, quality, professionalism, commitment to excellence and discretion. We continue enabling our clients to make complex international transactions by tapping our networks among businesses and government agencies and creating innovative financial structures. We also invest alongside our partners, and this is one of the many qualities that differentiate us from other players in the industry.

In 2006, we started a global intelligence company, Arcanum, and the pairing of the two companies’ capabilities has changed the way our clients play the game. Arcanum’s inception has become our unique advantage. Arcanum, which provides intelligence solutions to sovereign governments, has become a trusted adviser to heads of state, heads of government, and other leaders in the National Security apparatus of key client countries. This complements our strategic advisory services by enhancing our clients’ ability to overcome challenges surrounding new market entry and to achieve their strategic objectives.

With over $30 billion dollars of transactions under our belt, we remain committed to serving the needs of our clients, above all else. They always come before we do.

In reflecting on our evolution as a company, I also feel humbled by the talent and the exceptional achievements of our team. Our human capital is our greatest asset, and those who have worked with us understand why.

Looking into the future, I believe that we will continue playing an important role in shaping the strategies of business leaders of today and tomorrow and solving complex issues whilst maintaining our core values.