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17 Oct, 2023
How Business Powers Polo – And Vice Versa

October 15, 2013 – In an exclusive on-the-field interview, Ron Wahid, CEO of RJI Capital, reveals how polo and business go hand-in-hand in the English countryside. Pacing up and down the beautiful polo field at Cowdray Park in Sussex, south England, tossing a polo ball from hand to hand with increasing force, and shaking his […]... Read More

26 Jun, 2017
British Polo Day Celebrates It 60th Event in Henley-On-Thames

Saturday 26th June 2017 – Henley-on-Thames, UK – Presented by RJI Capital and hosted by The Schwarzenbach family, British Polo Day Great Britain on the 24th June marked its 60th event. Having held 59 invitation-only events in 16 countries since 2009, the annual series of events always returns to their home turf for the English […]... Read More

23 Mar, 2017
British Polo Day celebrates the UK/UAE Year of Creative Collaboration

Saturday 18th March 2017 – British Polo Day, presented by RJI Capital, returned to Abu Dhabi for the first of its 2017 events. Some 200 guests and VIPs including HH Sheikh Shakhboot bin Nahyan bin Mubarak al Nahyan, HE Philip Parham, the British Ambassador, the Earl of Tyrone and Bear Grylls came together to celebrate […]... Read More

13 Dec, 2016
British Polo Day Jodhpur 2016

His Highness Gaj Singh II The Maharaja of Marwar-­Jodhpur welcomed British Polo Day guests to Jodhpur with open arms throughout an itinerary which spanned three days in the beautiful blue city of Jodhpur. It was in this city where Lord Mountbatten first fell in love with polo and described it as “the best sport in […]... Read More

08 Dec, 2016
British Polo Day Jaipur 2016

“I find an answer in our ability to make our heritage relevant to the changing times.” British Polo Day commences their journey across Rajasthan starting in the state’s capital Jaipur, The Pink City Brigadier Sawai Bhawani Singh Bahadur MVC, the late Maharaja of Jaipur, once said, “I find an answer in our ability to make […]... Read More

02 Dec, 2016
British Polo Day Follows in the Footsteps of Mountbatten

British Polo Day India 2016 presented by RJI Capital – is hosted by Her Highness Rajmata Padmini Devi of Jaipur and His Highness Gaj Singh II The Maharaja of Marwar-­Jodhpur. Not since the days of Mountbatten have visitors had the honour of being hosted by the Royal Families in both Jaipur and Jodhpur. During their […]... Read More

19 Nov, 2016
British Polo Day Mexico 2016 demonstrates mutual friendship and solidarity between Mexico and UK

19th November 2016 – As the ties between Britain and Mexico become ever closer, British Polo Day, presented by RJI Capital, returned to Querétaro’s prestigious Balvanera Polo & Country Club for the eighth leg of the British Polo Day 2016 Global Series. In keeping with the long lasting heritage between Mexico and the UK, some […]... Read More

16 Nov, 2016
Award Winning Nihiwatu Resort Host to British Polo Day Nihiwatu on 12th November 2016

16th November 2016 – Nihiwatu Resort on Sumba Island hosted the global British Polo Day Community presented by their title partner, RJI Capital. Guests were welcomed by James McBride, Managing Partner of Nihiwatu who was recently bestowed the title of Number One Independent Hotelier in the World by Hotels magazine, so it was an honour […]... Read More

14 Nov, 2016
British Polo Day returns to the Americas for the 5th British Polo Day Mexico

14th November 2016 – British Polo Day Mexico 2016 is set to mark the fifth British Polo Day to take place at Balvanera Polo & Country Club preceded by a 3-­day itinerary in San Miguel de Allende. With its cobbled streets and culture, San Miguel de Allende is a fitting location to base guests with […]... Read More

07 Nov, 2016
The Fifth British Polo Day Singapore Celebrates a Half-Decade of Unity between Britain and Singapore

7th November 2016 – On Saturday, 5th November, at this decisive time in Britain and Singapore’s relations, the Asian leg of British Polo Day’s Global Series – presented by RJI Capital – returned to Singapore Polo Club for the fifth British Polo Day Singapore. With over 20 leading global brands and some 240 guests and […]... Read More

17 Oct, 2016
British Polo Day Singapore Champions British Brands on Saturday, 5 th November 2016

Global Presenting Partner RJI Capital and global partners bring together the best of British brand heritage and craft 17 th October 2016 – After celebrating the 52 nd event, the momentum picks up as British Polo Day heads to Singapore. The event marks the fifth British Polo Day to take place in Singapore and proudly […]... Read More

30 Sep, 2016
British Polo Day Closes The Summer In Style with RJI Capital in The French Riviera

Flying the British flag in Europe, British Polo Day and RJI Capital brought together the prominent and powerful to enjoy the final days of summer with a luxurious experience taking them from St Tropez to Monte Carlo. On Friday 23rd September, guests gathered for an intimate drinks party in the enchanting gardens of the Hanbury’s […]... Read More

08 Sep, 2016
NUO Hotel Beijing helps British Polo Day Pioneer British Brand Platform in China

On Saturday, 3 September, the ever-growing British Polo Day Global Series returned to Beijing’s prestigious Tang Polo Club for the sixth British Polo Day China, and the Official Hotel Partner, NUO Hotel Beijing, was honoured to play an integral role in the day, together with Harrods and Bentley, among other brands, to make this event […]... Read More

06 Sep, 2016
British Polo Day Triumphs In Beijing

The ‘power of the horse as an international language,’ a key philosophy behind British Polo Day, has just been put to the test in Beijing, where, alongside the polo, British luxury sponsors – the likes of Harrods, Bentley, Royal Salute, RJI Capital and more are hoping to reach some of the world’s key influencers. The company celebrated […]... Read More

05 Sep, 2016
The Sixth British Polo Day China Encourages the “Golden Age” between Britain and China

At this decisive time in British and Chinese relations, British Polo Day China successfully celebrated the continued trust between two horse-loving nations. British Polo Day China – presented by RJI Capital – brought international and national guests together over a stimulating three day itinerary promoting ties between Britain and China through an appreciation of craft, […]... Read More

14 Jul, 2016
Bet on Britain – Column

Bet on Britain – Column... Read More

18 Jun, 2016
British Polo Day’s Auspicious 50th Event Drives the Momentum of British Brands in the Global Arena

At this crucial time in British history, British Polo Day has successfully orchestrated a platform on which British brands can be championed on a global scale. It is by no means a coincidence that the 50th British Polo Day delivered a noticeably powerful change of gear to what is becoming one of the world’s most […]... Read More

08 Jun, 2016
A Celebration of British Polo Day’s 50th Global Event

British Polo Day’s 50th global event – presented by RJI Capital – will be a suitably prestigious celebration of what has become a powerful global platform on which its partners have earned access to the world’s movers and shakers in emerging markets. The achievements made to date have been underlined this year by RJI Capital’s […]... Read More

03 Apr, 2016
Billionaire guests, Champagne on tap and an auction where the bidding starts at £20,000 – British Polo Day in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

You can apply for an invite, but that certainly does not mean you will make it on to the guest list. Welcome to the fabulous world of British Polo Day – the globe-trotting, megabucks networking road show celebrating the best and the highest of high-end and promoting Britain’s most exciting firms worldwide. Now in its […]... Read More

21 Dec, 2015
Arcanum Senior Advisor Baroness Patricia Scotland First Female Elected Secretary-General of the Commonwealth

London/Washington DC, December 21, 2015  – Arcanum, a strategic global intelligence company and a subsidiary of Magellan Investment Holdings Limited, wishes to congratulate Senior Advisor to the Chairman, the Rt. Hon. the Baroness of Asthal QC, Patricia Scotland on her election as Secretary-General of the Commonwealth. Baroness Scotland is the first female to be elected to […]... Read More

20 Dec, 2015
British Polo Day India Celebrates Rajasthan’s Finest Heritage Under the High Patronage of the Royal Families of Jaipur and Jodhpur

20th December 2015 – British Polo Day – presented by Royal Salute – marked a significant year in British-Indian relations with its inaugural Jaipur event taking place from 10th to 12th December and 5th Anniversary Jodhpur event, taking place from 16th to 18th December. British Polo Day marked its fifth event with a preceding itinerary […]... Read More

13 Oct, 2015
Clad, Wahid – By defunding Ex-Im Bank, U.S. is shooting self in foot

Standing blindly on principle all too often leads to bad or self-inflicted injury, especially if the “principle” itself remains hazy. Moves in Congress to defund the U.S. Export-Import Bank closely fit this description as corporate anxiety pushes General Electric and others to shift manufacturing capacity out of the country. Having worked for decades in foreign […]... Read More

07 Oct, 2015
Online and on the Ground – ISIS Targets Southeast Asia

Bombs are going off in Bangkok. Protests are erupting in Kuala Lumpur. Rocked by political instability and new socioeconomic pressures, Southeast Asia has transformed into fertile ground for the Islamic State to take root. The extremist group is opening a new front and the United States is ignoring the problem — at its peril. The […]... Read More

14 Sep, 2015
Former Commander Of The United States Central Command (Centcom) Joins Arcanum Global

Retired General Anthony Zinni to serve as Senior Advisor to the Chairman Zurich/London/Washington DC, September 14, 2015 – Arcanum Global, a strategic global intelligence firm and a subsidiary of Magellan Investment Holdings Ltd., announced today that retired four-star General Anthony Zinni has joined Arcanum as Senior Advisor to the Chairman. The former Commander of the US […]... Read More

26 Jul, 2015
British Polo Day Comes of Age with the Announcement of Its Seminal Partnership with RJI Capital

Just four years since Britannia Elevation officially founded The British Polo Day, this global platform for elite engagement in emerging and interesting markets has come of age. Following the home leg of its Global Series – British Polo Day Great Britain – British Polo Day is delighted to announce a highly-significant new partnership with RJI […]... Read More

24 Jul, 2015
From Russia, With Thrust

By Ron Wahid Why the Pentagon shouldn’t be fooled into buying more Russian rocket engines. Sanctions by the U.S. and European Union have left Russian President Vladimir Putin strapped for cash, but he’s still got a summer surprise up his sleeve — and it won’t come cheap. Putin has reportedly amassed more than 50,000 troops […]... Read More

14 Jul, 2015
The Real New Type of U.S.-China Relations

By James Clad and Ron Wahid After decades of trying to accomodate China’s rise, proposals for a cooperative relationship are now dead on arrival in the United States. Early 2013, President Obama yielded to Beijing’s insistent backstage pressure and, with China’s authoritarian chief Xi Jinping beaming by his side, announced a “new type of major […]... Read More

09 Jul, 2015
RJI Capital Celebrates British Polo Day 2015 in London

RJI Capital CEO Ron Wahid celebrated the company’s partnership with British Polo Day, attending the British Polo Day Great Britain event on Saturday 20th June 2015 at The River Field, Black Bears, Henley-on-Thames.... Read More

24 Jun, 2015
RJI Capital Announces Partnership with British Polo Day

British Polo Day comes of age with the announcement of its seminal partnership with RJI Capital Just four years since Britannia Elevation officially founded The British Polo Day, this global platform for elite engagement in emerging and interesting markets has come of age. Following the home leg of its Global Series – British Polo Day […]... Read More

23 Jun, 2015
British Polo Day Great Britain Celebrates Ties with Mexico in a Blend of True Horsemanship, Culinary Talent and Philanthropy

In celebration of the Dual Year of Mexico and the UK, this year’s British Polo Day Great Britain – presented by Land Rover – had a decidedly Mexican twist, albeit with a British shower or two! Yesterday (Saturday 20th June), VIP and guests including host Urs Schwarzenbach, HH Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh, The Marquess of Blandford, […]... Read More

20 May, 2015
America Plays Russian Rocket Roulette

Why send money to the Kremlin when three U.S. companies can do the job and protect national security? The U.S. is hooked on Russian rocket engines for space launches. It is a dependence that sits awkwardly with America’s national-security launch program, which includes systems for reconnaissance satellites and the early detection of missile and nuclear […]... Read More

18 May, 2015
Former U.S. Dep. Asst. Secretary of Defense Joins Arcanum Global

Recipient of Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Public Service to serve as Senior Advisor Zurich/London/Washington DC, May 18, 2015  – Arcanum Global, a strategic global intelligence firm and an RJI Capital company, announced today that James Clad has joined Arcanum as Senior Advisor to the CEO. The former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense comes to Arcanum […]... Read More

18 Mar, 2015
Former Attorney General of the UK and Wales Joins Arcanum

Co-President of Chatham House Baroness Patricia Scotland to serve as Senior Advisor to the CEO of Arcanum Zurich/London/Washington DC, March 18, 2015  – Arcanum, a strategic global intelligence firm and an RJI Capital company, announced today that the Rt. Honourable, the Baroness of Asthal QC, Patricia Scotland has joined Arcanum as Senior Advisor to the CEO. Baroness […]... Read More

24 Feb, 2015
Ron Wahid Talks about How the U.S. ‘Must Do More’ to Crack down on ISIS

RJI’s Chairman speaks to CNBC’s Wilfred Frost and Seema Mody about the need for a full-frontal attack and tangible actions from the US as well as increased support for the Kurdish Peshmerga in the fight against ISIS.    ... Read More

26 Sep, 2014
Our Best Bet Against ISIL: Kurdish Crude

Following his admission that the United States lacked a strategy to deal with the Islamic State group, or ISIL, President Barack Obama launched a revitalized diplomatic campaign to rally America’s allies to our cause. Yet our strongest ally on the ground, the Kurdish Regional Government, or KRG, remains hamstrung by the Obama administration’s muddled and […]... Read More

31 Jul, 2014
RJI Capital’s Ron Wahid talks Russian Sanctions on CNBC

RJI Capital’s CEO, Ron Wahid, talks to CNBC anchor Julia Chatterley about the potential impact of Russian sanctions, where the responsibility lies for the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17 and the ineffectiveness of US foreign policy. Ron Wahid, Chairman and CEO of RJI Capital and Arcanum, spoke to Julia Chatterley on CNBC’s Worldwide Exchange […]... Read More

03 Jan, 2014
Return of the Basketcase

Bangladesh rarely registers in the minds of most Americans, but U.S. policymakers would be well advised to devote some urgent attention to the country. As things stand now, general elections scheduled for Jan. 5 look virtually guaranteed to leave a trail of bitter division, wide-scale violence, and chaos in their wake. That’s a surefire recipe […]... Read More