RJI Capital’s Ron Wahid talks Russian Sanctions on CNBC


RJI Capital’s CEO, Ron Wahid, talks to CNBC anchor Julia Chatterley about the potential impact of Russian sanctions, where the responsibility lies for the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17 and the ineffectiveness of US foreign policy.

Ron Wahid, Chairman and CEO of RJI Capital and Arcanum, spoke to Julia Chatterley on CNBC’s Worldwide Exchange today about the need for tougher sanctions on Russia.  “Putin is a bully,” said Mr. Wahid. “The only way the West can stop him is to not only impose tougher sanctions, particularly in the financial sector, but with a show of strength.”  Mr. Wahid said further that he has no doubt that the Russians are tied to the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17.  “Russia supported the separatists which took down the lives of 299 innocent victims.” However, Mr. Wahid was skeptical that the US and Europe would actually respond with real, hard-hitting sanctions. “I don’t believe that the West has the mettle to enact such strong sanctions. There have only been tacit threats thus far.”